Insurance Claims

  • Have you lodged a claim on a policy of insurance and the insurance company refused to pay?
  • Unfortunately sometimes insurance companies try to wriggle out of paying claims.
  • The claim may have been, for instance, for property damage, damage to your car or boat, a claim for theft or income protection.
  • It may have been a claim for rent default or loss of business income or even a claim for death benefits under a policy involving a relative.
  • Insurance policies are quite complex and often difficult to interpret.
  • There is also law that has been enacted by the Commonwealth that regulates, to an extent, the obligation of both the insurance company and the insured.
  • Tim is extremely experienced at fighting cases against insurance companies to ensure that they meet their obligations under insurance policies.
  • If your insurance company is not paying up, come and see Tim.
  • Tim won't charge you for an initial consultation or, on further investigation, a claim cannot be successfully made.

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